Rahul Gandhi's Twitter Status Updated To 'Locked' After Violation Strike

Twitter removed Rahul Gandhi’s photo taken with the parents of a 9 year-old rape victim.

New Delhi:

Saturday’s statement by Congress stated that Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter handle was “temporarily locked” following a counter claim by the party that his handle had been “temporarily suspend” amid controversy over the removal a photo posted by the MP one day ago.

Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account is not suspended. He continues to be on service, a spokesperson for Twitter told NDTV. Twitter stated that accounts are removed from public view when they are suspended. They also added that they were investigating claims by Congress.

The Congress posted soon a revision:

This was just a day after Twitter removed an controversial post by Mr Gandhi, which featured a picture of him meeting with the family of a 9year-old Dalit girl, who was allegedly raped in Delhi. Twitter sent a message stating that the tweet was in violation of its rules.

A user’s tweet may be removed for violating rules and they will not be allowed to tweet for 24hrs. It is illegal in India to reveal the identities or families of victims of sexual assault.

“Shri @RahulGandhi”s Twitter account has been temporarily suspended & due process is being followed for its restoration,” the Congress tweeted from its official Twitter handle.

“Until then, he will stay connected with you all through his other SM platforms & continue to raise his voice for our people & fight for their cause. Jai Hind! The party said.

Mr Gandhi posted a photo of his meeting with the girl’s family on Wednesday and tweeted in Hindi: “Parents’’ tears are saying only 1 thing – their daughter is the daughter of this nation deserves justice. And I am with them along this path to justice.”

The National for Protection of Child Rights, (NCPCR), had asked Twitter and Delhi Police on Wednesday to take appropriate action against Mr Gandhi’s post with the photo of a girl’s family on the microblogging site. They claimed it violated the law about sexual assault of minors.

On Wednesday, Mr Gandhi met the family members of the girl and said that he was with them on their journey to justice and would not back down.

Many compared Mr Gandhi’s post to the action against BJP leaders Sambit Ptra for posting a paper that he claimed was framed and aimed at the Congress. He also claimed that the Congress had taken action against Sambit Patra because he posted a document that he claimed was framed to target the government regarding the ongoing farmers protests.

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